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Range Safety Officers

  • A reminder to all club members that the board of trustees has instituted a Range Safety Officer program.
  • The Range Safety Officers will be visiting the indoor and outdoor ranges to maintain the safety polices of the club.
  • They will be carrying a red colored, clearly recognizable, Range Safety Officer badge.
  • These individuals will have the authority to ask you to present your club ID badge, ask for your name and the name of any individuals you may have with you when you are on club property. Your cooperation is appreciated


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2019 Elections for Board of Trustees

The 2019 club elections are right around the corner and the nomination process will begin earlier this year in order to meet nomination and election deadlines in a timely manner.  Board Nominations will open immediately and applications must be submitted no later than October 15, 2018.

Every year members, other than probationary members, must fill three Board positions at the club by casting ballots. This year’s nominating committee chairman is Joe Hodossy who can be reached via email at:

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