2021 Elections for Board of Trustees

The 2021 club elections are right around the corner and the nomination process will begin earlier this year in order to meet nomination and election deadlines in a timely manner. Board Nominations will open immediately and applications must be submitted no later than October 20, 2020.

Every year members, other than probationary members, must fill three Board positions at the club by casting ballots. This year’s nominating committee chairman is Joe Hodossy who can be reached via email at: Jmhodossy@yahoo.com


The Board of Trustees has approved the following guidelines to be used for 2020 Board Nominations:

Nominees will be members in good standing at time of application and maintain this standing until the elections are held.

Nominees are required to have attended a minimum of six (6) general membership meetings in the prior year and submit their application prior to the nomination deadline of October 20, 2020. (THE MEETING REQUIREMENT IS WAIVED FOR 2020 NOMINEES DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS ON MEETINGS)

Nomination applications may be submitted by:

    a. Email to Jmhodossy@yahoo.com or

    b. Postal mail if postmarked prior to nomination deadline to:

            Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club
            P.O.Box 586
            Old Bridge, NJ 08857-0586
            ATTN: Nominating Committee Chairman: Joe Hodossy

    c. Accepted in person at a general membership meeting prior to nomination deadline.

Nominee biographies will be limited to 300 words or less and will be due to the nominating committee by November 1, 2020. Biographies should only include relevant experience that qualifies nominee for a board position.

Any eligible member may be nominated to be included on the slate of candidates listed on the ballots that our members use when they vote in the upcoming Board election.

As a member, you may nominate yourself or any other member who consents to be nominated.

Please be aware that all candidates for nomination should be able to demonstrate, to the Nominating Committee, three very important attributes:


Nominees will have particular experience, skills, or talents that will be conducive to their role as a Board Member, to the good of the Club and its members.


Nominees must show they have enough time in their specific day to day work/family/social schedules to devote to their assigned duties as a Board Member.


Nominees must be able to commit to allocating time in performing the duties or functions, as variable as these may be, required of a Board Member.

The role of a Board Member is not simply to wear a respected title within the Club and to preside at Monthly General Meetings. Board Members attend the Board Meeting on the following Tuesday evening; Board membership is not a figurehead position, it requires lots of work, time and dedication to be successful.

In most instances, the amount of the Board Members' work, time and dedication to making the Club work as successfully as it does, and to keep OBR&PC the premier club that it is, is not obvious or readily seen, but nevertheless it does require a considerable amount of all of these factors.

Please consider all of the above mentioned factors when considering nominations.

The nominating process is quite simple:

Please submit the members name, member #, phone number and email address to, Joe Hodossy, the Nominating Committee Chairman at: Jmhodossy@yahoo.com

Or by snail mail to:

        Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club
        P.O.Box 586
        Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857-0586
       ATTN: Nominating Committee Chairman Joe Hodossy

A member of the Committee will contact the nominee to confirm receipt of the nomination and ask for a required short, written biography; a personal informational interview may also be requested as part of the process. The Nominating Committee will review all input from all nominees and evaluate their credentials; after this evaluation the Nominating Committee will make and substantiate to the Election Committee, its recommendation of those names it thinks should be placed on the election ballot. The timeline, schedule and deadlines of the nominating and election process are important and are as follows:

  1. Nominations may begin immediately.
  2. Nomination applications must be submitted no later than October 20, 2020.
  3. Nominee biographies must be submitted to the nominating committee no later than November 1, 2020.
  4. The Nominating Committee will submit its evaluation to the Election Committee prior to the February General Meeting.
  5. Upon its approval, the Election Committee will announce the Slate of Candidates at the February General Meeting and schedule printing and distribution of the ballots.
  6. The biography, as it’s consented to by the nominee, will be published on OBR&PC website and a copy emailed to membership.
  7. The ballots will be opened counted and results announced at the March General Meeting.


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